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10 Tips to Help Curb Auto Theft

Posted by Darrell Reed on Jan 20, 2015

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) almost 700,000 cars were stolen in 2013. That’s one car theft every 43.7 seconds. Opportunistic car thieves often just take advantage of an easy target. Make sure you aren’t one of them.  From locking your car at all times to auto window tinting you can help prevent crime against you and your vehicle while on the road and at home with these tips.

  • Install at least one anti-theft device such as a lock for the steering wheel, brakes, tires, and/or hood to deter thieves.
  • Car window tinting can also help reduce temptation to break into because it can make it more difficult to see inside your car. Make sure you comply with local window tint laws.
  • Use paint or permanent marker to write the vehicle identification number (VIN), located on the driver’s side dashboard, under the hood, battery and in the trunk for tracking purposes.
  • Secure valuables before you reach your destination and leave them out of site when parked.
  • Do not leave important documents or personal information in the car. It can lead to identity theft.
  • Keep car registration and proof of insurance in your wallet with extra copies at home.
  • Turn your wheels to the curb when parked on the street or toward another car if you are in a parking lot or garage. This makes it more difficult to steal by towing.
  • When you return home, if you have a garage, park your car in it. Lock the doors and roll up the windows, too.
  • Never hide keys in a “secret” spot because thieves know them all; and definitely do not leave an extra set in the car.
  • Finally, when you are heading out the door, resist the temptation to “warm up your car.” Leaving a running unattended car is like putting out a welcome mat to an opportunistic thief

Tell us your best car theft prevention tips in the comments section below.

Darrell Reed is Commercial Director, the Americas and Europe, as well as a dad, Big Green Egg chef, outdoor enthusiast and sports fanatic. Darrell finds it incredibly rewarding to produce and sell a product that increases consumer comfort and safety. He appreciates the challenge to help educate consumers about window film benefits and has been the voice of the customer for over 15 years. Darrell values that his colleagues are highly-capable, caring, and share a high sense of responsibility to our channel partners.  Darrell and his wife Vicki have been married for 22 years and they have three athletic children ages 15, 11 and 11. He spends much of his free time coaching or watching his children play sports.

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