The smart alternative to window replacement

While damaged or deteriorating windows simply have to be replaced, Vista™ Window Film by LLumar® provides an affordable alternative to replacement when your goal is to improve energy efficiency. In fact, the cost for quick, professional installation is a fraction of the cost of replacement windows. More importantly, Vista energy-saving film can also lower your home’s cooling costs by reducing solar heat gain. For cooler climates, low-e window films can offer year-round energy savings.

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EnerLogic® series

EnerLogic film provides unparalleled glassinsulating capabilities and performance. EnerLogic’s patented low-e film reduces solar heat from entering through windows while redirecting warm radiant heat back inside your home for comfort and energy savings in every season. 

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Ceramic series

Ceramic series films feature neutral color and low reflectivity for minimal change to exterior appearance. Ceramic series films improve the view from inside, especially at night. In daylight the film rejects 99% UV rays for heat, glare and fade reduction. These corrosion-resistant window films are ideal for coastal applications protecting against salt deposits and sea air. Ceramic series films are recommended for homes, historic buildings, retail spaces, coastal locations, hotels, commercial offices, public buildings and health care facilities.

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Spectrally-selective series

Spectrally-selective films offer excellent heat rejection, energy savings and are virtually invisible. They’re made with advanced technologies that single out regions of the solar spectrum resulting in a film that lets in more light than heat. Great for applications where maintaining the look of existing glass is highly important. These films are ideal for storefronts, commercial buildings, and homes that need minimal light control and maximum heat protection.

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Harmony series

Harmony films utilize proprietary metals and ceramic layers designed to provide superior heat rejection and moderate glare control with extremely low interior and exterior reflectivity. Harmony Terre creates a warm earth tone hue. Excellent for both homes and storefronts, these products were designed for areas with excessive heat and glare problems.

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Dual-reflective series

Dual-reflective films offer superior energy savings through lower interior reflectivity and higher exterior reflectivity allowing for excellent views to the outside both day and night. These films have a blue-gray appearance and are traditionally installed on commercial buildings, but are also popular in homes in regions with high levels of sunlight. Dual-reflective films are suggested for residential and commercial applications where heat and glare are the primary concerns.

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Neutral series

Neutral series films reject heat and save energy with reduced interior and exterior reflectivity. They provide a very uniform light transmission without any strong color tone. These films are clear favorites for residential and commercial applications including showrooms and high-visibility display windows.

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Low-e series

Low-e (low emissivity) films provide an insulating barrier to windows that improves year-round energy efficiency by helping retain heat in winter and helping keep the heat out in summer. Low-e films keep building occupants more comfortable. Low emissivity films are perfect for residential and commercial applications where energy conservation is of primary importance.

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Atmosphere exterior series

Atmosphere window films are specially designed as retrofit solutions for commercial and residential applications. Installation upgrades glass performance where damaging UV rays, heat and glare are problems, energy efficiency is important or a fresh, consistent look is desired. Applied to the exterior of existing glazing systems, Atmosphere is often a higher performance option than interior installations because it intercepts the sun’s energy before it enters the building.

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Safety & Security series 

Safety & Security films are made with heavy-duty polyester bonded by the industry’s strongest adhesives to provide a powerful barrier that helps hold glass in place should impact occur. Whether the impact is from natural disasters, crime, vandalism, or everyday accidents, you can rest assured that Safety & Security films will help control the danger and damage caused by broken glass in new construction or retrofit projects.

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