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Blocking 99% of UV Rays Window Film Fights Fading

Posted by Andrea Sanders on Nov 04, 2014

Have you ever tried to rearrange your living room only to discover that the floor under the couch is far darker than the rest of your hardwood? Flooring, fabrics and furnishings are all vulnerable to fading without proper protection.

In fact, ultraviolet (UV) rays are the single largest contributor to the fading of home furnishings and flooring. Through a process known as photodegradation, UV light breaks down the molecules in materials but ordinary glass windows only filter about 75% of UV light. The other 25% passes through the glass and contributes to fading and drying out leather.

So how can you help protect your furnishings and flooring? There are several options available. Replacement windows can help block UV rays with additional panes of glass. However, replacing just one window in your home can cost upwards of $700. Spray treatments for fabric and wood coatings are available, but both are temporary solutions that need to be regularly reapplied in order to maintain full protection.

Window film offers a long-lasting solution for your home that helps provide round-the-clock protection against fading and damage. Fabrics and wood maintain more of their original brilliancy, and leather furnishings are less likely to dry out and crack.

At a fraction of  the cost of replacement windows, window film is a cost effective solution that doesn’t need constant reapplication. It allows for light to come through, which means your view remains unobstructed, while still protecting your furnishings and flooring. You’ve invested a lot into your home and furnishings; don’t let UV light damage it.

Use our film viewer and see how window film could look inside a home.

Andrea Van Ness Sanders is the LLumar Brand Communications Manager, as well as a wife and kids’ super-fan.  Since joining the company Andrea has learned much about window film benefits, whether on cars, homes or offices. Her son recently turned 16 and earned the privilege of driving a hand-me-down station wagon. To make it look less like a “mom” car, Andrea and her husband surprised their son with window tint. It added to the cool factor while keeping the interior cooler during the hot summer months.  She recalls growing up around cars because her father loved them. That love wore off on Andrea so in her spare time and as a DIYer, she enjoys detailing the family cars. While their two teenaged children keep them busy from sun up to sun down, Andrea manages to find some time for one of her favorite interests, home interior projects.

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