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Demystifying Window Film and Tint

Posted by Darrell Reed on Nov 25, 2014

Since window film hit the global market, it’s protected millions of cars, buildings and homes along with their passengers and occupants. A broad range of options is available to meet just about any need from protection against skin-damaging UV rays and temperature control to reducing fading and glare. Now you may be pondering, “How does this stuff actually work, or does it even work?” It’s time for the LLumar® team to answer your questions.

You can also use one of our interactive tools to familiarize yourself with the benefits of window film for your car, home or office building. This tool also offers some answers to other frequently asked questions that we often get. Use the New to Window Films tool.

Question Fact
Whether it is on your car or your home windows, if you can see through window film on your car or home, how does it protect against UV rays? Through a variety of technologies, very thin layers of film are combined and when applied to glass can provide a range of benefits such as blocking at least 99% of harmful UV rays, and temperature moderation to reducing glare and fading. See product packaging for the details.
Is contact paper like clear window film and provides the same protection? While contact paper is sticky, the similarities end there.
Does window film crack, peel and change color as it ages? When installed properly LLumar window films endure the elements and are backed by a manufacturer’s limited warranty*.
Since window film is so thin how can it provide temperature control in either hot or cold weather? EnerLogic® Low-e window film is designed to provide year-round temperature control, comfort and cost-savings. The combination of specific properties ensures these benefits.
If window film is visible does it obscure an otherwise perfectly good view? Clear, practically invisible window film maintains clarity of a view while protecting against UV rays, reducing glare and protecting furniture and furnishings from fading.

Now that your window film and window tint questions have been answered you can find a local dealer who can share more information about window film for your car, home or office building. In addition to our own experiences with window film, we hear from folks like you that window film has many benefits.

Darrell Reed is Commercial Director, the Americas and Europe, as well as a dad, Big Green Egg chef, outdoor enthusiast and sports fanatic. Darrell finds it incredibly rewarding to produce and sell a product that increases consumer comfort and safety. He appreciates the challenge to help educate consumers about window film benefits and has been the voice of the customer for over 15 years. Darrell values that his colleagues are highly-capable, caring, and share a high sense of responsibility to our channel partners.  Darrell and his wife Vicki have been married for 22 years and they have three athletic children ages 15, 11 and 11. He spends much of his free time coaching or watching his children play sports.

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