Film Benefits

Live, work and drive in greater comfort and security with LLumar window films.

Window Film Benefits

Automotive film is more than just tint. It’s an upgrade for auto glass with benefits beyond anything factory delivered. Discover what it can do for you and your vehicle.

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Window Film Benefits

Residential window film offers an impressive selection of life-enhancing benefits. Learn more about how it helps save energy, enhances the look of your home, and more. 

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Benefits Of Window Films For Architects and Designers

Your creativity knows no bounds. So we’ll give you a toolbox of LLumar window films to work with. Create private interior work environments using frosts, patterns and textures. Control light coming into a building for a more productive work environment.

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Benefits Of Window Films For Commercial Property Owners and Facility Managers

Keeping your current tenants happy and attracting new ones involves many factors, not the least of which is controlling the sun streaming through the windows of your building — causing excessive heat build-up and glare – and many tenant complaints. LLumar commercial window film can help create a more pleasant work environment. By controlling the sun, LLumar window film reduces heat build-up, cuts distracting glare and can help lower your energy costs — keeping everyone happy.

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