LLumar decorative window film added life and depth to the intricate designs.


The City of Atlanta’s Parks Department had a beautiful marquee that was constantly being defaced, its lettering constantly stolen. The sign needed to be encased, but the department didn’t want its nice appearance impaired. They considered an acid-etched glass encasement, but the cost was exorbitant and the process difficult. Asked to find a better solution, landscape architect Cal Comier called the local LLumar dealer.


Comier designed a grass and woodland setting to surround and embellish the words, “Department of Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs.” Employing an automated cutting system, the dealer installed the design on an encasement glass. The setting was complemented with varying depths of white frosted window film (LLumar NRMPS2) to take full advantage of the backlighting and to create a three-dimensional view.


The handsomely designed protective case won the approval of the Parks Department—and the envy of other city departments who sought similar identification. Subsequently, Comier was commissioned by the Atlanta’s police commissioner to bring new distinction to his department’s lobby with a mural cityscape created with LLumar NRM-PS2 frosted window film.

LLumar window tint is professionally installed by trained technicians and is backed by a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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