Privacy and style with LLumar decorative window film.


Set at the gateway to Silicon Valley at the southern tip of San Francisco Bay, the Fremont Marriott features an elegant and accommodating atmosphere. The hotel’s luxurious indoor swimming pool, however, is set between a parking area on one side and the health club on the other. Encircled by a transparent glass wall, guests on both sides could see in, giving swimmers and sunbathers very little privacy.


Management was considering the possibility of etching the glass, until they talked with a local LLumar window film dealer and found a better solution: a glass enhancement film product that could easily be retrofitted to the glass, at a fraction of the cost, and could easily be removed and replaced when needed. With less cost, less risk, and no harsh chemicals to contend with, they opted for the LLumar NRM FSQ SR HPR designer window film.


The hotel installed the designer frosted film and immediately realized additional benefits: the window film reduces visible light transmittance by more than 30%, and it adds to the structural integrity of the glass, providing added safety by holding shattered glass in place in the event of an impact. Swimmers and sunbathers at the Fremont Marriott pool now enjoy more attractive surroundings, with more privacy.

LLumar window tint is professionally installed by trained technicians and is backed by a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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