Added protection with LLumar safety and security window film.


Spring Side Terraces is a private residential development of modern luxury homes surrounded by greenery. The architect’s design gives homeowners a floor-to-ceiling view of the outside from the living room and bedrooms. High ceilings and large clear tempered glass panes create an open, inviting space. But glass panels of that size can also create a safety hazard.


Concerned with safety for the homeowners, but wanting to retain the expansive view, the architect chose LLumar safety window film SCLSRPS4. Over 300 rolls of the clear safety film were installed on the glazing to further enhance safety and security against accidental or intentional breakage. The project took approximately four months to complete with each panel of glass fully inspected for defects prior to installation.


“Homeowners are satisfied that their windows are protected by LLumar safety and security window film. In addition to the safety benefits, the film is working to screen harmful UV rays to reduce fading of interior furnishes,” said Mr. Bernard Chia from Spring Side Terraces. Because LLumar safety and security film has a patented scratch resistant coating, it will be protected from scratches during routine use and cleaning, maintaining its visual clarity.

LLumar window tint is professionally installed by trained technicians and is backed by a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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