LLumar® security film adds an extra layer of defense to help protect students, teachers, and staff during emergencies.


Recent security events have prompted heightened safety awareness for schools of all sizes, with administrators focused on ways to protect students, staff, and faculty. At St. Mary’s School in Johnson City, Tennessee, building security is a top priority. “We wanted to make sure we had safety measures in place to help prevent or deter an emergency situation,” explains Randi McKee, principal at St. Mary’s School.


St. Mary’s formed a committee to evaluate security options. “We evaluated access control, video surveillance and other tools, because we wanted to understand all of our options,” says Caroline Preston, a St. Mary’s School parent. “We saw a LLumar security film video demonstration, and wanted to learn more,” McKee explains. The security film acts as a barrier to help hold glass in place upon impact reducing possible injuries; helps deter intruders and may slow attempts to break windows.


The faculty and staff feel more secure. Other benefits include improved classroom light quality and lower heating and cooling costs. “Energy savings provided by the window film will be very beneficial to our bottom line, says McKee, “but the primary driver for us was security and the safety of our children.”

LLumar window tint is professionally installed by trained technicians and is backed by a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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