Solar protection and energy savings with LLumar AIR 80 window film.


One of the largest and newest sports clubs in the Body Masters Sports Club chain faced multiple challenges resulting from too much sunlight pouring through the building’s glass façade. The excess heat was not only making patrons uncomfortable, it was damaging the club’s fitness equipment, forcing the facility’s air conditioning to work at maximum capacity and substantially increasing the facility’s monthly energy costs.


Working side-by-side with the local LLumar dealer in Riyadh, the general manager of the Body Masters facility decided he would try to resolve all of these issues by applying one window film to the inside of the building’s glass façade: LLumar’s nearly clear AIR 80 window film, a spectrally selective film that offers 44% total solar energy rejection, 76% visible light transmission, and 99% ultraviolet rejection.


Mansour Al-Shoaibi, manager of the Projects Department at Body Masters Sports Club, reports that the film was successful in performing everything that it was asked to do. “The film creates a pleasing environment inside the club,” he said. “It provides protection for our equipment and offers significant energy savings. I am fully satisfied with the quality and performance of the LLumar film.”

LLumar window tint is professionally installed by trained technicians and is backed by a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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