Solar protection and energy savings with LLumar AIR 80 window film


Though it’s part of one of Saudi Arabia’s most popular restaurant chains, few people were visiting the Crep Away restaurant on Takhassussi Street in Riyadh during daylight hours. The reason? Sunlight flooding through the restaurant’s glass walls made its interior seating areas unbearably hot. The building’s air conditioning system strained to cool the space, but the environment remained too uncomfortable for most to bear.


Mohammed Musallam, the restaurant’s general manager, consulted with the local LLumar dealer and together they selected LLumar AIR 80 window film as the solution to the problem. Once applied quickly and cleanly to the inside surface of the building’s glass walls, this spectrally selective film could immediately improve Crep Away’s interior atmosphere by offering 40% total solar energy rejection, 74% visible light transmission, and blocking more than 99% damaging ultraviolet rays.


Musallam reports that LLumar has met all of his expectations. “The film has created a pleasing environment inside the restaurant,” he said. “Now the number of guests is increasing during lunchtime, and there are no more complaints about heat. LLumar really is a perfect solution for our restaurant.” Thanks to this simple transformation in interior comfort, Crep Away is now drawing a daytime crowd.

LLumar window tint is professionally installed by trained technicians and is backed by a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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