Reduce energy costs with LLumar neutral window film.


Ecco Restaurant, one of the most highly-reputed dining establishments in Jardins, São Paulo, sought to eliminate the excess heat and glare caused by the sun’s rays passing through its large glass windows. The restaurant’s owners wanted to improve the comfort of the customers dining near the windows without compromising the view.


The restaurant owners chose to have LLumar N-1050 window film professionally installed. This high-performance neutral film features 42% total solar energy rejection, 49% visible light transmittance, and blocks more than 99% of the damaging ultraviolet rays, increasing comfort and helping to save energy costs.


After the installation, owner Mr. Sérgio Roberto Cusin commented, “LLumar window film gave my customers more privacy, while allowing them to see through the windows. Discomfort and glare were eliminated. The tables by the windows can now be used on hot sunny days. We have reduced energy costs and are able to operate our air conditioning more efficiently. Our LLumar window film also protects against UV rays, which will help to keep our upholstery and decorations from fading.”

LLumar window tint is professionally installed by trained technicians and is backed by a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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