Heat and glare reduction with LLumar reflective solar control window film.


Aside from its famous mail-order business, Harry and David’s Country Store is a familiar landmark in and around Medford, Oregon. After a renovation, manager Bill Krumpeck had major issues with the store’s 1,015 square feet of new skylights. “We were getting too much light,” Krumpeck said. “Our fruit was ripening much too quickly, and our famous handmade candy was melting.” Plus, the internal glare from the side windows was intense.


“It was immediately evident that we needed some expert help,” Krumpech said. “Our problems were compounded by an acute architectural challenge; the fact that our skylights were 40 feet up, with beams criss-crossing the glass.” After numerous calls to find an installer with the product and skills needed to take on this architecturally difficult job, Krumpech chose the local LLumar dealer who recommended LLumar reflective solar control window film.


“We couldn’t have found a better solution than LLumar R-20 SR CDF reflective solar control window film,” Krumpeck said. “Not only have the problems of melting merchandise ended, but glare from reflecting sunlight has been totally eliminated.” The window film provided an additional benefit. “The temperature in the store is much more consistent and comfortable, and I have a ten-year warranty from LLumar to ensure it stays this way.”

LLumar window tint is professionally installed by trained technicians and is backed by a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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