The window film reduced glare by 56%. Now patrons can appreciate the view.


Indiana Downs is a state-of-the-art parimutuel racetrack that features live thoroughbred and standard-bred horse racing. Its facilities accommodate up to 3,500 racing fans, simulcast patrons and special-event attendees. Though spacious windows throughout the complex offer magnificent views of all the activities, on bright sunny days, patrons in the luxurious dining and reception areas were often overcome by heat and glare.


Recognizing that the excessive glare was interfering with customers’ enjoyment of the track and its amenities, racetrack management immediately sought ways to minimize its impact. They contacted the local LLumar dealer for consultation on solar control window film. A plan was developed to install LLumar solar control window film N-1040 SR CDF on all 10,000 square feet (929 square meters) of the buliding's window glass.


LLumar solar control window film reduced the visible light transmitted through the glass to 40% — cutting the glare by more than half! The film also blocked half of the solar energy previously transmitted through the window, reducing summer heat gain by 41%. On bright, sunny days at the racetrack, patrons are now able to enjoy the view through LLumar window film.

LLumar window tint is professionally installed by trained technicians and is backed by a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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