Reflective Solar Window Film
Reflective Solar Window Film
The Hall of the States now enjoys a 83% reduction in solar energy.


The Hall of the States is a private offi ce complex located in downtown Washington, D.C. between the Capitol and Union Station. The elegant H-shaped building contains the Washington offices of many state governors, national broadcasters, and other esteemed associations. However, the building’s impressive exterior windows left its interior office space simmering in summer heat, which led to high energy costs, resulting from the building’s heavy use of air conditioning.


While the building’s management knew they had to keep the building cool, they were struggling mightily to contain its excessive energy costs. That’s when they turned to LLumar. After consultation with the local dealer, the Hall of the States opted to install LLumar R-20 Silver Window Film, fitted on the inside of the building’s handsome green window glass.


Only after the LLumar R-20 Silver Window Film was installed did the owners realize how much it would enhance the beauty of the building by helping to create a mirrored green façade. Most importantly, the film rejected 83% of the solar energy that impacted upon the glass. The elegant building’s energy bills are now significantly lower.

LLumar window tint is professionally installed by trained technicians and is backed by a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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