Decorative Window Film

Add privacy, a design statement, or both.

Decorative film doesn’t just transform the look of windows, partitions and other smooth glass surfaces; it also changes the way you think about designing and utilizing space. An unexpected addition to areas both intimate and public, decorative film inspires fresh ideas for enhancing interiors, creating privacy, filtering light and more.

Our decorative films are thoughtfully curated to fuel inspiration and bring to life any design vision, from historic to futuristic. They’re attractive and functional, offering varying degrees of transparency and coverage to help you create and solve challenges – beautifully. Dream, experiment, and enjoy the client compliments.

Decorative Window Film
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What Decorative Window Film Can Do for Your Project

Look beyond our sophisticated styles to discover other desirable benefits.

Add an unexpected element to interior spaces with our palette of options ranging from subtle to dramatic.
Maintain an airy, open sensation while keeping more personal spaces separate from high-traffic, public areas.
Completely shield or partially obscure views while still allowing lots of desirable natural light to pass through.
Achieve the timeless look of etched or textured glass, minus the expense of window or glass replacement.
Soften light sources that are too direct or bright to improve aesthetics, add comfort and enhance productivity.
Decorative films are durable, yet easy to install and remove.

Choose a Decorative Window Film Product for Your Project

Frost Decorative Window Films

Versatile frost films complement architectural styles from modern to historic. We offer a wide range of transparency levels and shades. 

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Gradient Decorative Window Films

With gradual transitions from transparent to opaque, gradients preserve an open feel while disguising clutter and undesirable views. 

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Pattern Decorative Window Films

Our patterned film selection includes sophisticated looks ranging from precise stripes to playful dots to organic rice paper.

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Texture Decorative Window Films

This series of classic designs creates the elegant, light-refracting sparkle of designer textured glass at a much lower cost. 

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Specialty Decorative Window Films

Designed to mask light or add a pop of translucent color, these films make a bold statement alone or in combination.

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Custom Decorative Window Films

Put your imagination to the test as you peruse the customizable patterns which offer unending design options through your combined choices of color, opacity, size and texture.

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