Clear Safety and Security Window Films

Our clear window protective film is your hero: strong, powerful, and trustworthy.


With bars on glass doors and windows, you advertise safety and security concerns to every visitor. This series of window protective film styles gives you an alternative that’s optically clear and virtually invisible to the eye. You’ll get strong defense without sending any strong messages about potential problems.

You and your tenants will appreciate the unobstructed views and added safeguard these clear window protective films help to provide against theft or intrusion, natural disasters and everyday accidents. Benefits for visiting clients or customers are subtle, but still powerful – they’ll be more comfortable, confident and stay focused on the business at hand.

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What Clear Safety & Security Film Can Do for Your Building

Discourage smash-and-grab thieves with filmed glass that deters crime and has more resistance to shattering or puncture.
When film-fortified glass is struck with enough force to shatter, fragments generally adhere to film instead of scattering.
Reduce risks that arise from accidental impact, with glass that stays more intact resulting in fewer (or no) sharp edges.
Resistance to puncture and impact helps this film reduce the hazards of broken glass and related damage or injury.
Summertime heat stays outside, increasing comfort and decreasing complaints from building tenants.
We can’t see UV rays, but feel their heat and see their effects on skin and furnishings. Solar safety-and-security films offer 95-99% protection.

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