Enerlogic® Window Film

As effective as adding a pane of glass to building windows.


Enerlogic is our most state-of-the-art window film, integrating innovative solar control with unparalleled glass-insulating capacity. Installing it gives you almost the same results you’d get from a full window replacement that upgrades glazing with an extra pane of glass. Plus, Enerlogic doesn’t change the desirable way sunshine lights up a room.

With Enerlogic’s patented form of low-e technology, you get superior comfort and energy savings in any season. This adds future value to your property, making it more attractive to lease and less expensive to heat and cool. And Payback for initial Enerlogic investment is surprisingly fast, too.

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What Enerlogic Window Film Can Do for Your Building

Summertime heat stays outside, increasing comfort and decreasing complaints from building tenants.
Help protect the condition of valuable artwork and textile furnishings such as upholstery, carpets and draperies.
Insulating technology helps keep radiant heat inside during colder seasons while keeping it outside during warmer seasons.
Installing Enerlogic is as effective as adding a pane of glass to windows, and more budget-friendly than full window replacement.
Solar-heat blocking and insulating properties stabilize temperatures, so heating and cooling systems use less energy.
Vista™ dealers guarantee professional service, precision installation and customer satisfaction.

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