Decorative Window Films

Transform glass into one of your home’s most defining features.

With just a little decorative film knowledge, you’ll look at glass surfaces and windows in a completely different light. Possibilities that were invisible before will be revealed; ways to improve design, privacy, brightness and more.

Our decorative films are thoughtfully curated to fuel imagination and complement any style vision, from traditional to cutting edge. They’re also seriously practical, offering varying degrees of transparency and privacy to help you solve your design and comfort problems – beautifully. Prepare to dream and experiment.

What Decorative Window Film Can Do for You

Make your home more livable, with style-sensitive design and practical features.

Express yourself, create a mood, or update the look of a room with our palette of options from subtle to dramatic.
Completely shield your home’s interior from prying eyes or just partially obscure views, with a range of privacy levels.
You may not be able to control what’s outside, but you can conceal it without sacrificing natural sunlight.
Enhance your windows with the look of etched or textured glass, minus the hassle and expense of replacement.
Soften light that’s too direct or bright to improve aesthetics and create a more eye-friendly environment.
Decorative films combine durability with easy installation and removal. Keep them only as long as you like the look.

Choose a Decorative Window Film product for Your Project

Frost Decorative Window Films

Frost is a truly versatile finish that suits homes from traditional to contemporary. We offer varying levels of transparency and a nice range of shades.

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Gradient Decorative Window Films

With soft transitions from transparent to opaque, gradient films keep an open and airy feel while cleverly controlling what’s in view. 

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Pattern Decorative Window Films

Our collection of patterned films takes cues from natural materials, urban landscapes, and even traditional men’s suiting. Let it cue inspiration for you.

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Texture Decorative Window Films

The touchable, light-refracting texture of these films simulates designer textured glass so well, it’s difficult to distinguish them from the real thing.  

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Specialty Decorative Window Films

Create a singular look or a striking combination with our range of specialty films, designed to mask light or add a bright pop of translucent color. 

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