Solar Safety and Security Film

For seriously protective, multi-tasking window glass.


Unfortunately, the windows in your home can be an entry point for a lot that’s undesirable: criminals, sweltering heat and harmful UV rays.

Fortunately, there is an smart answer to this problem; one that doesn’t require you to sacrifice natural sunlight, outdoor views or curb appeal. That answer is professionally installed window film that combines reflective solar properties with disaster-thwarting durability. It’s a significant upgrade to window glass that’s less costly than replacement, or an unwelcome increase in your homeowner’s insurance fees. 

What Solar Safety and Security Film Can Do For You

Glass that resists shattering and smashing encourages intruders to move on, instead of forcing their way inside.
When film-covered glass is hit hard enough to shatter, individual fragments adhere to the film instead of scattering.
Make glass stronger and safer for high-impact contact with stray softballs, confused birds, clumsy people and more.
While it’s light outside, curious passers-by can’t easily see through your windows. Instead, they’ll see their own reflection.
Reclaim areas of your home that you used to avoid during the heat of the day, thanks to heat-blocking technology.
Protection from 99% of UV rays allows you to enjoy natural light while decreasing its harmful effects.

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