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Let Prices at the Pump Fuel Some TLC for Your Car

Posted by Dan Hodder on Jan 06, 2015

Gas prices are going down and the savings are going up. What are you doing with the money you save at the pump? Show your vehicle a little love and enjoy the benefits when you:

Invest in a remote starter. After-market remote starters come with a broad range of features from starting the ignition to providing security and even provide extra security when activated. While top of the line might cost several hundred dollars, many are available for less than $100.

Stop by your favorite car wash for “the works.” A wash, wax, undercoat and polish also help protect your car by removing the winter salt and grime. Leave with a clean car ready to take on any kind of weather for just a few dollars.

Install window tint. Visit your local LLumar® window tint dealer to learn more about the benefits of window tint such as helping to increase the comfort of your ride and your privacy while helping protect the interior from fading.

Warm your seat and add a little extra cushion with an after-market seat heater. Most can be strapped onto your car seat and plug into the vehicle’s 12 volt DC outlet. Reasonably priced, with many options under $50, a seat heater can help ease the chill when you get into your car this winter.

Replace your windshield wiper blades. New blades can really make a difference, improving visibility and safety.

The next time you are at the pump think about how to “treat” you and your car with a little of that savings.

Dan Hodder is Market Development Manager, LLumar Automotive. Dan is responsible for enhancing the consumer experience. Whether consumers are researching or thinking about buying window tint or are having it installed, Dan’s personal mission is to ensure positive experiences. He appreciates the collaborative culture with a strong sense of purpose, teamwork and creativity at Eastman.  In his free time Dan enjoys running, hiking, biking, travel, cars, foreign languages (he speaks three!) and football. 

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