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National Youth Traffic Safety Month

Posted by Andrea Sanders on May 19, 2015

Safe Driving Tips to Share with Your Teen

As a mom with a 17 year-old son and a 15 year-old teenaged daughter who will drive soon, my awareness of the importance of teaching and talking about safe driving, especially among young drivers, has been heightened. It’s National Youth Traffic Safety Month—a great time to review safe driving practices with your young drivers. In anticipation of teaching our daughter, I have already begun compiling some great safe driving tips. They may be helpful to you, too.




Safe Driving Tips

  • Start with a safe car—whether it is a family car or their own car, make sure it has good safety ratings.
  • Equip the car with emergency items including water, a first-aid kit and blanket.
  • Have a candid discussion about the privilege of driving. Make expectations and potential consequences very clear. Some parents have their teens sign a contract.
  • Talk about the importance of no texting or any cell phone use while driving.
  • Remind your driver to adhere to speed limits and all other rules of the road.
  • Follow the laws, too. Our kids watch what we do and learn from our habits.
  • Consider window tint for added safety and comfort. LLumar® AIR automotive window film provides the ultimate protection against damaging ultraviolet rays in a nearly clear film that helps block glare and maintain visibility. Check your state laws for details.
  • Encourage good grades for a potential insurance discount.

If you have another safe driving tip or story, share it with us!

 LLumar® AIR automotive window film provides the ultimate protection against damaging ultraviolet rays for you and your passengers in a nearly clear film that helps block glare and enhance visibility.

Andrea Van Ness Sanders is the LLumar Brand Communications Manager, as well as a wife and kids’ super-fan.  Since joining the company Andrea has learned much about window film benefits, whether on cars, homes or offices. Her son recently turned 16 and earned the privilege of driving a hand-me-down station wagon. To make it look less like a “mom” car, Andrea and her husband surprised their son with window tint. It added to the cool factor while keeping the interior cooler during the hot summer months.  She recalls growing up around cars because her father loved them. That love wore off on Andrea so in her spare time and as a DIYer, she enjoys detailing the family cars. While their two teenaged children keep them busy from sun up to sun down, Andrea manages to find some time for one of her favorite interests, home interior projects.

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