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Overcome Your FOBT Today

Posted by Amy Marrin on Jun 22, 2016

It’s easy with awareness, knowledge and action.

Today is the day to start seeing the road ahead in a new way – through cooler, more stylish tinted windows. End your paralyzing FOBT here and now, and begin your search for your ideal tint and installer. Let this be your guide to empowerment in three simple steps: 1) awareness, 2) knowledge, and 3) action.

Awareness: Facing Your Fear

In our last blog post, we shared the heartbreaking story of a car owner who rushed into tinting her car, chose a tint shop solely by price, and suffered distressing consequences. Fortunately, this car owner got the help she needed to overcome her FOBT, thanks to LLumar automotive tints and a trustworthy professional installer. Now can be a lesson for us all: to make thoughtful, careful decisions about window tint.

Knowledge: It’s Your Superpower

Anyone with FOBT can be transformed from a vulnerable, victim into a take-charge hero. All it takes is a healthy dose of useful information. Take a minute now to gather some knowledge about what to look for as you’re scouting tint installers and products. You’ll thank yourself later, when you slide behind the wheel and drive off in your fantastic-looking, freshly tinted car.

Precise Cutting – Find an installer who cuts tint precisely, so it’s an ideal fit for each vehicle. Some professionals do this expertly by hand, and some use LLumar’s precision-cutting system: a machine with software that maps film cuts to a vehicle’s make, model and year. This helps ensure there are no visible edge gaps and that windows don’t “stick” when opening or closing.

Clean Workspace – An organized, well-kept tint shop isn’t just a nicer place for you to wait while your vehicle has work done. It’s also the mark of a business that takes pride in what they do, taking precautions to make sure tinted windows are smooth, seamless and without small particles of dust or debris trapped between window glass and tint.

Quality Tint – Many installers offer a range of “good, better, best” tints to provide in features and price points. Generally, “best” products are more expensive, stand up better to UV rays, and have the longest life. Keep this in mind, and also make sure that the tint you have installed offers the latest technology from a name brand, so you don’t have to watch out for discoloration or back window bubbles.

Warranty Coverage – A warranty protects your tint investment, and it’s an indicator of uncompromising standards. Make sure you get one! All LLumar Automotive Tints come with a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty* that covers not only the tint itself, but also the installation work.

Now that you’ve replaced your FOBT with knowledge, you can be a dangerously smart tint shopper, able to defend against the evils of bad tint. And you’re ready to take some action to get the great tinting you, and your vehicle deserve.

Action: The Time is Now

When you step out into the world and flex your new tint-shopping superpowers, make sure you’re armed with the list of action items below. It’ll keep you on track as you shop, reminding you to take your time and consider more than just price as you’re making decisions.

  1. Call or visit installers before selecting one. Ask to see examples of their work, look for positive reviews, and trust your instincts.
  2. Ask for a tint brand you know and trust (we recommend LLumar). If you can’t get one, walk away.
  3. Remember that with film products, you get what you pay for: selecting the cheapest option may mean a tradeoff in the quality and life of the film.
  4. Check tint rules and regulations before installation. Some states allow darker shades than others.
  5. Make sure the tint product and installer you choose are protected by a product and service warranty.
  6. Make an appointment with the installer you select, and plan to be without your vehicle for a few hours.
  7. Inspect your freshly tinted vehicle inside and out. It’s easier to get flaws corrected before you pay and drive away.
  8. Follow all tint care instructions, and enjoy every stylish, comfortable mile down the road. You’ve earned them all.

Now, take a moment and congratulate yourself. You’ve overcome your personal battle with FOBT! It’s a good feeling, and one you can help spread around the world. Simply share this link in your social feeds. And for even more good tint karma, let everyone know about LLumar’s window tint giveaway too. We’ll be accepting entries here now through July 15th, 2016.

*Certain restrictions apply. See authorized dealer for details.


Amy Marrin is a LLumar Marketing Communications Manager. With a consumer focus, Amy says that she loves working with a genuine, down to earth team committed to a brand that helps improve the quality of life for others. She also cherishes her title as, “Mommy” to one-year-old daughter, Nora. Amy and her husband just purchased their first home—a traditional ranch in a neighborhood of young families. Together their new hobby is DIY! 

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